Slutty brownies – a cake or a cookie?

After lent I really wanted to make something really nice and chocolatey and so I thought, as most people do on these situations : ‘To the internet!’

I started looking at brownie recipes, and found a link to something called a Slutty Brownie. To be far I was intrigued, but slightly dubious because this is the internet after all. Eventually curiosity got the better of me, and found that it is actually a layered brownie with Oreos and a cookie layer, which looks amazing and tastes soo much better.

I only found it recently, but since finding and making it, I have seen loads of blogs talking about them, although I used the recipe from this blog. (although changed it slightly because I am english and so converted the measurements to imperial and halved the cookie layer because I didn’t think I would want the extra cookies because this is super rich- see the bottom of my post for the quantities I used)

Back to the question of cake or cookie?

I have been studying for my exams, one of the topics is Public Finance and I was reading about how some good are zero rated VAT (like cakes) while others aren’t (like biscuits). Which has led to major battle over whether a baked produce is a cake or biscuit (fyi a jaffa cake is a cake, it’s true, a court said so). This lead me to think (as the exciting person I am) would a slutty brownie be classed as a cake or biscuit, because it contains biscuit, but (to my googling capability) a brownie would be classed as a cake (milllionaires is so I am assuming brownies would)?

What do you think??

And here’s the recipe I used, as I said before it is pretty much the same but just in imperial measurements (because ounces are smaller numbers than grams which makes me like them more) hehe

For the brownie layer:

Butter – 5oz

Caster Sugar – 8oz

Cocoa powder – 3oz

Self raising flour – 4oz

Vanilla extract – 2tsp

Eggs – 2 large ones

Chocolate chips – 1 x 100g packet

For the Oreo layer:

Oreo biscuits – 2* packs

For the cookies layer:

Butter – 4oz

Brown Sugar – 1.5oz

Caster Sugar – 6oz

Self raising flour – 6oz

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Chocolate chips – 1 x100g packet

To make it-

Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a 9x9inch cake tin

First make the brownie layer:

Melt the butter in a saucepan, then wisk in the sugar and cocoa powder and take off the heat. Wisk in the vanilla and eggs untill they are fully incorporated, then wisk in the flour, it’s easier if you add this a bit at a time. Once it is all mixed together you should have a nice smooth shiny batter, and stir in the chocolate chips.

But this to one side.

Now make the cookie layer:

Cream the butter and the sugar together, its best to have the butter at room temperature because it makes it easier to beat, and if I feel like it you could beat the butter a bit by itself first just to loosen it up and but, then add the sugar and beat it until it is nice and light. Beat in the vanilla and eggs, when they are fully incorporated mix in the flour. Once you have a nice sticky dough mix in the chocolate chips.

Next is the fun but, we need to assemble it all together!

Spread the cookie dough onto the bottom of the prepared tin.

Then put the oreos onto the cookie layer, I only had one packet, and ate one before I started baking, so I was short, by 3, hence I would say get two packets just to be on the save side.

Finally pour the brownie layer onto, making sure that it is even and covers everything.

Bake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until when a knife comes out clean.

I would totally advocate eating it with a spoon when warm because it is super gooey and just plan awesome, but leave it to cool and cut into squares and enjoy!

Has anyone had a go at these/ had an other really tasty baked goods with ‘interesting’ names. And of course is it a cake or cookie?


2 thoughts on “Slutty brownies – a cake or a cookie?

  1. Isn’t it that when stale a cake goes hard and a biscuit goes soft? Not that you’d want to waste perfectly good brownie just to see what happens to it when it goes stale! =P x

    • I heard that one aswell, I believe this calls for an experiment! Although it does seem sad it waste perfectly good cake in the name of science, I wonder if chickens like stale brownie…

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