Acutally sunny Sunday

After yesterdays weather today was a nice surprise, on of the first days in a while when we have been able to sit outside and enjoy the sun šŸ™‚

Although not for too long as for a charity event my friend and I are hosting a Miss World event were male teachers are dressed as women (we have some teachers who agree to this a bitĀ too eagerly) and so I spent the afternoon making sashes, which isn’t that fun. I realised why I knit more thenĀ I sew – the sewing machine isn’t really my friend šŸ˜¦

George the cat

My cat George also decided to take advantageĀ and brought in a baby bird, but we were able to take it off him just a bit shocked. Then about a minute after we took the little bird outside he reappeared with another baby bird. So he was locked in the house for a bit.

We ended up putting the two little birds in the spare hen houseĀ and hoped for the best. I’ll check up on them in the morning.


Sus šŸ™‚

Fact #4 ~ If there is an increase in the exchange rate of a country the price of imports goes down, but the price of exports goes up – this leads to a worsening of the balance of payment ( everything else remaingĀ constant). It the UK it is usual to have a deficit on the balance of payments (we import a lot)/


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