Fairy Cakes


As tomorrow is the penultimate day at school I thought that we should have cake for each lesson ( I realise i am going to get very fat 😦 )

So of physics we have millionaires shortbread which my friends love, but it takes a while and the rest of the lessons we will have chocolate fairy cakes. Yeah thats right I called them fairy cakes not cupcakes!

fairy cakes

To make them :

11oz self-raising flour

8oz margarine

8oz caster sugar

4 large eggs

4 table spoons of cocoa powder

4 table spoons of milk

Line 3 fairy cakes tins and a mini cake tin (this has a posh name but i don’t know what it is) and preheat the oven to 180 oC

Weigh all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with and electric whisk untill well combined

Spoon the mixture into cake cases ( I make 27 fairy cakes and 12 mini fairy cakes)

Put this in the oven for around 10 mins for the smaller ones and 15mins for the bigger one, or until the cakes are just firm to the touch.

Leave to cool on a wire rack

For the icing I used a glace icing

To make this mix a small amount of boiling water and icing sugar, add more icing sugar or water until you get a spreadable consistency and blob abit on to each cake, I then added jelly diamonds and then you are done ! 🙂

mini cake



Sus 🙂

Fact #6 ~ ln(x) differentiates to 1/x


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