Knitted Mug

I recently discovered my mums Jean Greenhowe’s knitting pattern books.

And may I just say that they are awesome 🙂

I think because I am on study leave I like to have little projects that I can pick up through out the day, inbetween revising.

And I made this really cool mug!

Knitted Mug

I realse the picture is really bad, but I can’t take another because I gave it to my dad to take to work 🙂 (the W is the logo of the company that he works for)


Sus 🙂

Fact #10 ~ A star is created by a nebula (this is a cloud of dust) inside the nebual there are globules which are blobs of dust that have a higher density. For a star to be created it need to have a mass of over 0.08Mo (this is 8% of the suns mass). (As you can tell I have been revising physics)


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