Cake :)

Today was another really good day weatherwise, although I was at work all day in the fruit and veg shop so I wasn’t as able to enjoy it as much. At the end of the day it is not fun carrying boxes of fruit and veg upstairs in the heat! But why I am I complaining – it is actually sunny. I just hope that it stays for tomorrow so I am able to enjoy it!

Because of being at work I haven’t really knitted/baked anything, but photos from my party last week came. A family friend is a really good photographer and so put a book together of the photos which is really cool.

For our 18th (I am the youngest of 4) my parents brought us a birthday cake instead of making one. And may I say it was very very tasty!

Birthday Cake

I love the fact that my parents chose a ball of wool and knitting needles – they kept the design secret until the party!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sundays!


Sus 🙂

Fact #13 ~ The energy from the sun is caused by nuclear fusion. All stars want to gain an iron core, as it is the most stable.But to do this takes large amounts of energy, and the energy given of is less than that needed to produce it so the star dies. (our sun won’t get to this point as it is too small)


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