Cake Mixes


I realised that I am not the best blogger because I failed to post many post after my exams but I do have an excuse – I was at work. I got an office job over the summer and kept my saturday job going and then there was my sister’s wedding and results day and it all got a bit hectic. But anyways good news I got into uni 😀 (three A’s and an A*whoo whooo even if I do say so myself in economics, further maths, physics and A* in maths) this ment on the 19th of august my local newspaper had my face on the font page :s and a load of others from my school so not completely terrible.

I have also come off of a holiday to devon and uni is starting to sink in and I am starting to feel very very old. And when we went food shopping on holiday I found myself pulled to the baking section and found something that I always associate with my youth (when I was about 4 ) Tom and Jerry cake mix 🙂

It came with a new addition of the tube of strange writing icing which didn’t really taste that nice, if I made it again i think i would leve it off. I also had questions by my dad of ‘Why on earth do you want this seeing as you can make perfectly good cake very easily’ But still I was not deterred.

Also I was when I followed the mixture it came out very lumpy. I would have sieved it but this wasn’t my kitchen and so didn’t have all the supplies I normally have.

Aswell as being lumpy there were also very sloppy – I though this is going to end in disaster but it surprisingly didn’t.

I promise they were pink inside because they were strawberry flavoured 🙂

Next was the icing

I love the fact that the icing turns from white to pink by adding water 🙂

Although i added to much and ended with very runny icing 😦

The cakes also didn’t taste as amazing as I remembered but I was only 4 and unaware of the amazingness of cake.


Sus 🙂


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