Thunderbirds are go! Again?!

There is meant to be a new series of Thunderbirds created ! I was informed this by my father, and so quickly turned to google, and indeed Gerry Anderson wants to make a new series of  Thunderbirds, but in cgi. Now I am not quite sure how to feel, not because I don’t like Thunderbirds, because believe me I do – I have recently been watching it while knitting – but some of the amazing things about Thunderbirds is was made in the 60s, so the clothes are epic (Alans leopard print shirt in Attack of the Alligators, I think :s ). But the most amazing things is that they are puppets! CGI means no puppets 😦

And when they made that movie a few years going it wasn’t exactly as good as the original tv shows.

So do you guys think about this??




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