Orly Nail Varnish

In searching for different nails arts on the internet, there are loads, I found loads of websites that reviewed nail varnish and so I thought I would share with you my collection of nail varnish 🙂

This is an Orly nail varnish, as its says in the title, :P, personally I had never heard of orly before, until my sister brought me some for my birthday (she is an awesome sister and got me three mini nail varnishes and two nail art pens 🙂 ), but she assured me that this was a good polish, and it comes in 5.3ml bottles so you don’t have an excessive amount of nail varnish because I find you can have too much nail varnish and then just end up throwing it away because it has gone bad 🙂 and I believe she brought it from Boots 🙂

So here’s what it looked like on …

This picture was taken with the flash on, and I quite liked the nail varnish, it wasn’t too thick or too thin, I have three coats on to have a nice finish, and because I am a) a bit lazy and b) a bit inpatient, I didn’t use a base or top coat, the base and top coat I have tends to make my nail varnish chip more. The only niggle, was I painted my nails this colour to match the dress I wore to my Summer Ball, I painted them a few hours before I met my friend to do our hair, and I was running late as usual and was grabbing a load of clips and some jewellery, I locked my door to find that my right index finger had completely peeled off, so I had to go back and grab the nail varnish and touch it up, but in the end it was ok 🙂

I did try to find out the colour of the nail varnish, but I have no idea what it was called, as there seems to be no number on the label, but from the boots website and a general google search, I believe it is called wandering vine, although don’t hold me to that :). I thought the colour was nice, but it reminds me too much of my old school uniform, so I think this may be  a toe nail colour.

How did it wear? This is when there is no simple answer, and nail varnish depends on want you do, I used to work in a fruit and veg shop, and so my nails got knocked and we had to clear trays at the end of the day, then my nails would be ruined after a day, but today I went to the beach, where I went in the sea and built sand castles, so there are things to destroy your nail varnish and this is what it looked like after…

Nails after the beach

As you can see there was chipping on the index finger and a bit on the middle finger, and there was a bigger chip on the right thumb which you can’t see, but nothing too disastrous, so in the end I think I am quite happy with Orly nail varnishes. (I’ll so pictures of the other colours I have when I get round to painting my nails again 🙂 )




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