Chanel nail varnish

So this is my Chanel nail varnish in 203 Miami peach, how I do like it when nail varnish has its colour on the front of the bottle. And I know, this is snazzy stuff, and again a present from my sister, she is epic :). This was a present from last september, as a moving away to university present. And it is still as good as when I first had it. So of course the picture…..

I apologise for the photo, my photography skills do need a bit of work, but, I have to say I do love the nail varnish. It is a pretty pink colour, I would say in really life it is a bit pinker, as the photo it seems a bit peach-y. It also has little bits of gold specks that make it nice and shiny, but not in an over the top way.

So the application, this polish is slightly thin, and needs a few coats just to get the colour to come through. I used three coats, but it takes a while to dry, and so I accidentally took a chip out of one of my nails after I took the picture, but you can’t really tell :D. So definitely a colour to use if you have a few hours when you don’t really touch your nails.

Overall I love the colour, as I think it is really summery and a good everyday colour. Is the price justified? Well maybe, I am a big fan of Barry M polishes, they are fairly cheap and cheerful, but is if you find a nice colour you like, and would wear a lot I would say treat yourself, I only have two Chanel nail varnishes but they are good. My very first Chanel nail polish, Vendetta is the first nail varnish I used up, and I think I am likely to use Miami Peach up aswell, so I probably justifies the price. Plus I find it a treat to paint my nails in Chanel πŸ˜€




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