Nails Inc nail varnish

To de-stress after all the packing from uni I decided to paint my nails, for the base colour I used nails inc in Hampstead heath, its like a pinky-burgundy colour, I got it free in a Glamour magazine in December (according to google, I couldn’t quite remember 🙂 ). There were three colours to choose from and my dad thought this one was the nicest 🙂

The colour is quite nice but I think that it is definitely a winter colour, in the above picture I have two coats on. Nails inc polishes are meant to be around £11 but I don’t really think its worth the money, especially since they always seem to be giving then away. Another niggle that I have is that the lids are quite big and not the nicest thing to hold, (with the Chanel bottles the cap comes off to reveal a smaller lid which I like). But on the good side the colour was nice and the consistency of the polish was quite nice.

I decided to have a go at more nail art, but I was running late to dinner (I lived in catered halls) and so didn’t have time to put on a top coat, and I ended up with a massive chip on my middle finger when I played pool with my friend after dinner, which was really annoying.

You can sort of see the chip on the middle finger, I think that the black and white hearts on the little finger were the cutest, and they were the easiest to do, although I think that it would look better on a more colourful base.

And here’s the other hand

I did these nails on friday evening, and I moved out on saturday, but the whole moving process ruined my nails, so I had to take my nails varnish off, now my nails are in bad condition and so I think I will have to lay off the nail varnish for a week, sad times 😦

Hope you enjoy




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