Happy July

Happy July!

I can’t believe that it is July already!!

The past week I have been really busy meeting up with friends, I also had my school presentation evening, so I got to see all my school friends again after like a year, and I also won two prizes (the economics prize and the prize for highest achievement at advanced level, which was really awesome and it was also the same day that I got my result for my first year at uni (I got 82 which was even more awesome 😀  )

I also helped one of my friends paint her room, which was really funny, but completely ruined my bow nails and I have a massive crack in my left index finger so I am off the nail polish for a week or two, which makes me slightly sad, but I would like to have nice nails more 🙂

I also recently grown to love trains even more, as I have to train it everyday to work, I always enjoyed traveling by train, I think I got that from my dad, they are so much better than buses 😀

Why I am talking about trains, well it’s because I have this cute photo that I took a few years ago, when I was traveling home from a week-long uni experience…

What do you think??




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