A good duck :)

As I said the other day, I was really looking forward to making myself the purse from the Cath Kidston book, but I am now really disappointed. It went really badly, for starters after actually sitting down in font of my (mum’s) sewing machine I realised that I didn’t like how she was telling us to sew it together, and so I had a go at my own way, but there wasnt really enough material to hem and I just found that the cotton was of a poor quality.It was annoying because I spent ages sewing and hen unpicking and after I completed the cross stitch aswell. I ended up really frustrated after being so excited about it, and so I ended up calming myself down by knitting a duck from the Jean Greenhowe pattern booklet, ‘Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted animals’ and here he is ……

I think he is really cute, although he doesn’t have any feet because I didn’t have enough orange wool, oops. There are much better pictures on the website. And he was really quick and easy to make which is always a plus and after the disastrous purse, it genuinely made me quite happy :).

And quickly I change my opinion of the Cath Kidston book (a girl can change her mind) I wouldn’t buy it full priced, if I had I would have been even more disappointed (I realise it was a present, but I know it was from amazon and so not the rrp), but the charts for the other things in the books are really cute, so I would only advise you get it if you need some cute embroidery charts :).




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