Over the easter holidays, when I was back at home I had a go at making macaroons, but I didn’t add the granulated sugar at the right time and so i was left with a big sugary mess. I cooked them, while my dad looked at them and wasn’t very amused. I said I would give the cooked fail-macaroons to the chickens, but they went in a tin to my dad’s office and never came back, so they can’t have been that bad πŸ™‚

Anywhos I decided to have another go at making them, and this time they turned out a lot better πŸ˜€

Even if I do say so myself I think they look pretty good. I have never been a fan of the piping bag, we just don’t get along, and so I used my trusty tea-spoon to put the mixture onto the baking trays, however this does lead to a large differentials in the size of the macaroons…..

Oh well, they were only going to my dad’s office, and they eat anything. I used a chocolate buttercream to sandwich them together, they need something flavoured otherwise they are a bit flavorless.

The next step to conquer my dad’s dislike for butter cream, which left half of the macaroons un-iced, but that was ok because they are the ugly ones

oh well, macaroons aren’t the easiest, but they are quite fun, and by the way I have been going, hopefully all of the next batch (when I bring myself to make them again) will all look nice :).




2 thoughts on “Macaroons

  1. Magnifique! Everyone in Paris loves them. When I brought an expensive box home for my family to try, no one liked them. I have to say I don’t care for them myself and I would never attempt to make them. Congrats on your macaroons!

    • Thank you. Its one of the things where they look pretty, so I wanted to make them. The first time I tried one I thought they were a bit ”Meh’ but chocolate makes everything better πŸ˜€

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