Avon – Party Girl

Last year of uni my friends and I gained an unhealthy obsession with the song Party Girl by Mcfly (personally I have always been a fan of them :D, although I know this is not generally accepted) but only really the chorus of ‘She likes to dance all by herself because she is a party girl, woowho, woowho’. Which we have the pointy up then point down dance for. And only in the video the ‘DOUGIE! Don’t go into the woods!’. We annoyed on friend with this greatly. But back to the point. This year we are now living in a house and not halls and recently moved in, which my friend presented me with this nail polish called Party Girl, no need to say my mind was blown.

And this is what it looks like…

In the picture above I am wearing my OPI start to finish as always, and two coats of party girl. I ran out of time to put a topcoat on, and nicked a few of the finger quite badly, but more of my own fault then the polishes. Although my thumb has chipped quite badly during the day. On the colour I think from the name it could have been more adventurous, but it is a nice pink polish with a gold shimmer, but you can’t really see it in the picture. If I’m honest it reminds me of Chanel Miami peach, you can see my review in a post below (but I fail at know how to link, I must learn) but a lot cheaper! So over quite a nice colour for a party girl 🙂 (I’m sorry it had to be said)




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