Baby 3ply Matinee Coat

Over the summer, I knitted a bit, but didn’t have any projects really going on, I made a little cardi and after that, I was left it bit uninspired. But last week I went on holiday with my mum and see gave me a ball of 3-ply and her vintage pattern to make a little matinee coat. Which is really cute, and you knit from the top down. My mum had finished making a different cardi from the same book. It was a Patons and Baldwins book, so quite old and looks like…

The book has four patterns and they are really cute.My mum loved the book, but lost it, and so brought it again on ebay. I made the one in the bottom right.

I think that it is really cute, but I need to go and buy buttons which I always find fun. As you start from the top you dont’ have shoulder seams and you do end up with a few stitches on the needle (around 280 in the end). And you have to be careful with the increasing so that you get the right sleeves and fronts. So I would suggest for the more experienced knitter. But there is a lot less sewing up involved in this. I had most of it done in the first two days, and finished it within the week.

This is what it looks like before you sew it up


The green one I made over easter and was given to a family friends baby, but I will have to wait and see who gets this although I definitely think the green is cuter then the cream. What are your thoughts?




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