Knitted baby cardi


I realise that I have not been the best blogger recently, but, in my defence, I have just come back to uni, and am just settling into the routine again. (I have also moved from halls into a house with 3 of my friends and getting used to cooking, as we were catered last year, and waiting for use of the bathroom). But despite this I have been able to knit a really cute baby cardi, I know, again, and the only reason that I knit them is because they are quick to knit and easy to transport and knit on the move.

The one that I finished recently (well about a week ago) was one from a book called Tricot Baby by Bergere de France. I had not heard about this brand until I went to a wool shop while on holiday with my parents, and here’s the finished result… (although it has no buttons, I should really get some)

Sorry for the bad picture, but I think my camera is dying but I don’t really want to admit it, but I was a very cute cardi and a relatively easy pattern to follow, so I have been converted to Bergere, plus its cheaper than sirdar, although I have no idea what the wool washes like.




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