Sometimes you have to admit that something isn’t going to work, and I think quite a while a go i realised that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the stockings, but I still have a few so they should make a good decoration.

Today I wasn’t having the best day in the world, and so to make myself feel a bit better I decided to paint my nails 😀

I just a nails inc polish that I had got free with some dove deodorant over the summer which I hadn’t yet used, the colour is Havana, it’s a really pale pink. Personally I’m not a big pale colour fan, and I found the nail varnish a bit on the thin side, in the photos I have two coats on

with flash


without flash


I think the colour is ok, but not really my cup of tea, I only really picked it because it was free, which is always fun, but I wouldn’t pay nails inc prices for it. I have only ever got nails inc polishes free with magazines and I really just don’t feel that they can justify the price of them.

Because I found it a bit boring, but a perfect colour if you are at work, so I decided to jazz it up a bit …




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