Evil Doctor Cat

I had painted my nails a while back, but with nothing particularly spectacular, but it slightly destroyed my nails, and so gave them a week to recover. I had a work experience day on Wednesday, and I am due to start an internship on Monday, which goes all through my summer till I go back to uni, and so thought this would be the last few days when I would be able to have fun nails, somehow I don’t think pow nails would go down well in an office…

When I was looking for inspiration on the internet and found these nails, and thought I had to try them…

But why paint only one nail? And I thought he looked like an evil mastermind, so of course you need to have super cat (with his red cape) to save the world?

But who will win the fight?

Pink base – Chanel Miami Peach

Blue base – OPI I have a herring problem

Black – Models own nail art pen in black

White – Models own nail art pen in white

Red – Barry M Bright red

The grey and what was meant to be brown I mixed myself.




5 thoughts on “Evil Doctor Cat

    • Thank you! sometimes I feel like I should have more grown up nails, but there are too many cute designs on the internet.

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