Houston we have a herring problem

I couple of months ago I discovered that a beauty shop in town stocked OPI which made me really excited. Although I had told myself that I wouldn’t have super loads of polishes that sit in my box unused and just go a bit manky, so I restrained myself to just one, polish (plus they are really expensive).

I did some searching online and decided to go for I had a herring problem from the Holland collection. I was really excited because this is my first OPI colour that I brought.



I am a big blue nail polish fan and a shimmer fan, so I thought the blue with a really nice silver shimmer would be prefect, but the first time that I tried it on I wasn’t as blown.

I thought it made a nice back ground for super hero cat nails, but on its own, its just a bit meh.

I tried it again the other day, and I asked my mum what she thought of it – she liked it, and said it matched the tone of the cardigan I was wear (it was the reason I picked it, I know how sad that sounds, but oh well)

I then asked my dad – he straight off said that he didn’t like it and that it looked like an unpainted airfix model.

So on the colour I am still undecided. For the formula, I thought it was a bit thin, the above picture has two coats on, but I think I could be tempted for 3 coats just for a good opaque finish.

What do you think?




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