OPI Euro Centrale Minis

So it is somehow March, not quite sure how that happened. I have been busy with my last year of university, January was mental with exams and essays, but I got some good results so I treated myself to the OPI Euro Centrale minis. I find the big bottles too big to use, but the small bottles are small enough so I think that you can easily use it all up.

OPI - Eurocentrale Minis


As a lover of blue nail varnish Can’t Find my Czechbook was the swinging vote on whether I brought this little set or not.

OPI - Can't find my czechbook


I thought that this blue was really nice, but when I put it one I felt a tad underwhelmed, I don’t know if I had bigged it up in my head too much, I guess I thought it would be a more of a bright greeny-blue. But still a pretty colour with a decent formula.

The first colour I wore was OY-Another Polish Joke because I was going out for my housemates birthday, and I really liked it. I thought it would be tacky, I’m not the biggest fans of metallics although I love glitters (I know I have weird definitions of tacky). I was a really yellowy gold. OPI - OY-Another Polish Joke!

The only thing was I found the formula a tad thin, and so the above picture has three coats on. I really loved this one, as I don’t have anything like this, and it was also a lot easier to remove than glitters. I left it on and wore it for my lectures, and my friends loved it, I had been worried it looked excessive for everyday, but we deiced because of what I was wearing it looked fine (skinnies, jumper and boots).

So far I am loving this little collection. I know OPI’s are on the more expensive side, but I think if you can get little bottles that you know you will use and finish, so you don’t bin lots of half used varnishes that have seen better days. Out of the 2 Oy-Another Polish Joke! was definitely my favourite.

I will swatch the next two at some point, but my nails are in such bad condition that I am going polish free for a few weeks to let them recover.

What do you think?

Suse xx


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