Laduree Macaron Recipe Review

A while ago I brought myself a present in the form of Laduree Sucre: The recipes. I brought it as a fivlous purchase, it was in a box and I had heard that Laduree was one of the famous patieries from France that were known for their macroon as someone that has tried to master the macaron when I saw the book and has a book voucher it was a no brainer.


I used the raspberry macaron for the shells, they are just plain macaron shells and then I used the ganache from the chocolate cake recipe.

What would I say about the recipe? The ganache is amazing, so tasty, I was unsure about adding butter to the chocolate and cream but it does make it tasty, although try not to think how much fat is going into it….

The macarons, I think came out okish? I always seem to get some cracked tops and just general strange shapes, I have no idea how people make perfect ones (unless they discard the ones that aren’t perfect)


The other thing I would say is that make sure you leave the ganache in the fridge for at least an hour like the recipe says, else it will be too runny and just ooze out everywhere (notice the random blobs of ganache in the above photo)

I also used milk chocolate (Milka to be exact for no other reason that it was £1 in Morrions) instead of dark chocolate as sometimes I find that a really dark chocolate makes the ganache too bitter.

For the shells, make sure that you add plenty of colouring, I actually used a red food colouring but it came out really pale pink, I will have to add more next time or look into getting some of the gel colours (I used a Dr Odker food colouring)

macaron1And as a sign with any good recipe everyone loved them when I took them to work 🙂




Suse xx


2 thoughts on “Laduree Macaron Recipe Review

  1. Beautiful! The pale pink looks fab with those quaint china plates too! What was the book like, would you recommend it?? Ooo and also I’ve heard even the macaron big dogs have cracked tops, that’s why they’re so expensive in shops because they have a lower success rate then other goods so don’t fret!

    • Thank you zedbakescakes! I do love a china plate, although now I am thinking that I will need to get some more tea sets!
      And that would explain why they are so expensive in shops because they look so small compared to the other cakes, I just hope that they use the rejected ones for something else and don’t just bin them!
      The books presentation is really cute and has amazing pictures in it! (The shallow part of me loves that) There is a picture for each of the finished goods which I always like so you know what you are trying to aim for.
      There are also a decent amount of recipes split between what I like to term ‘fancy looking cakes’ and ‘normal looking’ ones as well. There is an amazing looking chocolate cake which has 6 different elements to it which I haven’t been brave enough to try yet.
      Although they seem to like you to wash up because the recipes tend to use a lot bowls but I have been more successful with some of these recipes than other ones I have used in the past, so if you really enjoy the process of baking it probably a book for you. But I think the price tag of £28 is quite steep (but I got it from Waterstone so you would probably find it cheaper elsewhere) xx

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