Pattern review: Outdoor pram suit

The basic stats

Pattern name: Outdoor pram suit in first and second size

Pattern Book: Knitted Garments for the Family

Date of publish: 1950*

Wool required: Baby 3-ply wool

Needles required: Number 9 for the second size, No. 10 for the first size**

Wool used: Patons Fairytale Soft 4ply

Needles used: No.9

Would I knit it again: Probably not

Tension: I was naughty and didn’t do a tension square, in my defence it is a baby jumper, how precise does it need to be? I am the school of they can grow into it

Finished measurements: I forgot to measure it, sorry.

More in depth thoughts after the pictures.

Boy's jersey 2

All the garments in the patter

Boy's jersey 3

Close up of collar

Pattern close up

The slightly rambling thoughts: For starters I should point out that I only ended up knitting the boy’s jersey, the pattern also includes a girl’s coat, leggings, cap, hood for a girl, and mitts. The aim was to knit the entire pram suit for someone at work whose wife was having a baby. I started the knitting a little late and so never got round to making the leggings and cap and mitts.

I was also slightly disappointed by the cable because I thought a 4 stitch cable would have looked better but it was an easy pattern to repeat

I was definitely disappointed for the collar, it was the main reason that I had knitted it was to see what I thought of it for making for a stockpile for my sister (call me weird but I wanted a couple of years to build a stockpile for her – she knows this so its fine) and she loves a peter pan collar, but the collar is just a straight rows sewn on, I really didn’t like the raw edges and so tried to sew them down (still not 100% that made it look better)

The reason for not making it again would be because I think that I have better pram suits pattern so I think my time could be spent better knitting something else.

I followed the pattern exactly, for older patterns it was pretty easy to understand.

Miss S xx

*1950 is the date that is given on Amazon, handily they haven’t print the publish date in the front cover, based on the styles of patterns and the fact that some of the pictures are in colour I don’t have any hard evidence to not agree

**These are the British imperial sizes, these are roughly a 3.75mm and 3.25mm respectively. Don’t ask me why but there is no metric equivalent for a no. 9 so you can either go for a 3.5mm or 4mm, tension it out to see what is best for you would be my advice


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