There’s a cat in my knitting bag!

Back in February I set myself two new years resolutions for this blog

1) To have a new post at least once a month

2) To write another knitting pattern.

Well this weekend I realised there is only a week left in May so I should really be writing my post for May. The only problem is I don’t have any patterns that are ready for review, I have a couple of projects which need to have buttons sewn on and ends sewn in, hopefully I will have something for you next weekend, however in case I don’t, here is a couple of pictures of someone who loves knitting as much as me.

When I say he loves knitting, it’s more a case of he loves to sleep on wool….Sooty uses a ball of wool as a pillow

And if ever I accidentally leave my knitting bag open, this usually happens….

sooty in the knitting bag

Miss S xx and a meow from Mr Soot


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