Pattern review: Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 1

The basic stats

Pattern name: Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Pattern Book/Booklet: Coronation Knits by Susan Crawford

Date of publish: June 2012

Wool required: Susan Crawford Fenella 2 ply wool:

4 x skeins main colour

1 x skein red

1 x skein black

1 x skein white

Needles required: 1 x 2.75mm circular needle 60cm, 1 x 3.25mm circular needle 60cm long and a pair 40cm long

Wool used:

Patons Fairytable Fab 4ply – 2 x 01053

Patons Fairytale Fab 4 ply – 1 x 01001

Patons Fairytale Fab 4 ply – 01030

Patons Diploma Gold 4 ply – 04285

Needles used: 2.5mm 60cm circular needles, 3.5mm 80cm circular needles

Would I knit it again: Once I am better at colour work I may make it again

Tension: Normal response to tension squares (I only really swatch when it is something for me, I know that is bad) and I just went for the needles that I could get my hands on.

Finished measurements: I forgot didn’t get time to measure it before I gave it away

More in depth thoughts after the pictures.

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 3

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 2

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 4

So I don’t normally get that interested in the royals, although I do think the Queen is awesome, but I have never really closely followed the royals are up to. However, when I saw the pictures of Prince George for his 2nd birthday I thought I would have to make the little sleeveless pullover.

I knitted a pram suit for one of the people I work with son, which was from the time of the coronations in 1953, so I thought he would be the perfect person to knit this for.

Apart from the colour work this was a pretty quick (no sleeves!) and easy knit. I used needles that were a different size to those recommended because I knitted this while on holiday on Spain, I brought the needles the day before I left and they were the sizes that I was able to get.

And some points there are three colours been worked in a row, this really slowed me down, and as you may be able to tell from the pictures, my tension went a bit off on the during the soldiers. However, I am a beginner at colour work, so anyone would the soldiers shouldn’t put anyone off.

The knitting pattern also comes with instructions to knit it on a round, or to knit flat which is nice to be able to pick which style you knit. As I have an aversion to sewing up any sort of seams I went for the circular needles.

As for the wool I was really pleased with how Fab knitted up, the only reason I used black in a diploma gold was because they didn’t have Fab in black in the shop I brought the wool from

Miss S xx


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