Pattern Review: Coat with a Round Yoke


The basic stats

Pattern name: Coat with a Round Yoke

Pattern Book/Booklet: Coats for the first 6 months in Patons Quickerknit (Booklet number 474)

Date of publish: 1950s

Wool required: 3 oz Patons Quickerknit Baby Wool, Patonised, or Pations Brilliante Quickerknit Baby, 100% Bri-Nylon

Needles required: Two No. 7* Beehive or Queen Bee needles measured by Beehive gauge

Wool used:  1 x 100g Rico Baby So Soft DK colourway melon

Needles used: Two No.7 needles

Would I knit it again: Yes

Tension: As this is a baby garment I did not check my tension, the tension required is 5.5 st and 7.5 st to one square inch on No.7 needles measured over stocking stich

Finished measurements: Chest measurement 19 inches

Sleeve length to underarm 4.5

This matches the measurements in the book

More in depth thoughts after the pictures.




More in depth thoughts: As you may be able to tell, the top of my knit does not have the picot edge at the neck edge, this is because I ran out of wool when I got to the neck, this coat is knitted from the top up which is quite fun, but it means that I am around 6 rows out at the top

As I only had one ball of this wool I didn’t really want to buy another 100g for just six rows (also this wool is currently on sale on the John Lewis website)

I would like to knit it again so that I get all of the rows in at the top as it does look quite pretty, it was an easy pattern and pretty effective.

As this was knitted on No.7 needles it was incredibly quick to knit up, the speed of the knit is also helped by it mainly being stocking stich.

This was also the first time that I had used this rico wool, I really loved the colour of it, I had become a bit bored of knitting baby garments in light colours.

As I had gone for a bright colour as soon as I saw the glitter button I knew they were the ones.


I hope that everyone has had a Merry Christmas surrounded by family and friends.


Miss S



*Note that these are imperial sizes, this roughly equates to a 4.5mm needle


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