You’re My Hero Cookies

How many of you have watched Wreck it Ralph. I know, I know, it was released a while go, but it is a cute movie.

Just a heads up there is a spoiler in the rest of this post, so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie I would stop reading now!


When I watched the movie as soon as I saw Vanellope give Ralph the ‘You’re my hero’ cookie medal I knew I had to have a go at making then, although I never really found the time to do it so after over a year since I watched the movie I finally got around to trying to make them:

youre my hero 3


The biscuit recipe I used was taken from here.

For the royal icing I used Tate and Lyle royal icing sugar, because it I find it easier than trying to make royal icing,  you don’t have to worry about raw eggs and I have found it pretty easy to find, I got mine from my local Morrisons.

The hardest part I found was to get the piping right. I have not really had successful writing/piping experience but I thought it wasn’t too bad.

I used a heart cutter for the shape. and once they were cooled piped the royal icing on.

The problem I found was that I let the blue icing set too much before putting on the hundreds and thousands.


And because yay for pictures:


youre my hero 1

youre my hero 2






Laduree Macaron Recipe Review

A while ago I brought myself a present in the form of Laduree Sucre: The recipes. I brought it as a fivlous purchase, it was in a box and I had heard that Laduree was one of the famous patieries from France that were known for their macroon as someone that has tried to master the macaron when I saw the book and has a book voucher it was a no brainer.


I used the raspberry macaron for the shells, they are just plain macaron shells and then I used the ganache from the chocolate cake recipe.

What would I say about the recipe? The ganache is amazing, so tasty, I was unsure about adding butter to the chocolate and cream but it does make it tasty, although try not to think how much fat is going into it….

The macarons, I think came out okish? I always seem to get some cracked tops and just general strange shapes, I have no idea how people make perfect ones (unless they discard the ones that aren’t perfect)


The other thing I would say is that make sure you leave the ganache in the fridge for at least an hour like the recipe says, else it will be too runny and just ooze out everywhere (notice the random blobs of ganache in the above photo)

I also used milk chocolate (Milka to be exact for no other reason that it was £1 in Morrions) instead of dark chocolate as sometimes I find that a really dark chocolate makes the ganache too bitter.

For the shells, make sure that you add plenty of colouring, I actually used a red food colouring but it came out really pale pink, I will have to add more next time or look into getting some of the gel colours (I used a Dr Odker food colouring)

macaron1And as a sign with any good recipe everyone loved them when I took them to work 🙂




Suse xx

m&m cake

I went to m&m world in London a while ago, and what do you do when you are there, well buy over priced chocolate in a building that smells are artificial chocolate (I am the only one that thinks that, not the same smell as a Hotel Chocolat) you also do not realise how much m&m things you can get

But you can get the colours that you want and they make a pretty cake.
IMG_20140302_190822I used my favourite chocolate cake in an 6” sandwich cake tin, with a chocolate buttercream. Then comes the fun of covering the whole thing in m&m’s

I hope you like it




Star Wars Fairy Cakes

Last weekend I came from uni, my last week has been really busy doing coursework and packing, and so I haven’t really been knitting or baking or painting my nails.

So yesterday I made some fairy cakes, and to get my brother involved we made star wars fairy cakes.

They are not the best fairy cakes that I have seen on the internet, but for a first try I am happy enough with them 🙂



Buger Cake

My parents went to visit family friends yesterday, which means that I had the kitchen for the day, so of course I decided to bake.

I made burger cakes, which I have seen around and thought I should have a go at it.

I agree that there are better looking burger cakes around, but I still think that they are pretty cute. And they tasted yummy 🙂

I made fairy cakes and then cut them in half, and put in a small chocolate fork biscuit and a circle of red fondant and green fondant 🙂

Hope you enjoy



Mass Effect Cake

My brother turned 21 last week, and so to celebrate I made him a cake. I asked him what he would like and he said the Normandy from Mass Effect (2 if we are going to get technical). So after a good look on google I found out that it was a snazzy looking spaceship, and tried my hardest, and it turned out like….

Ta da, I know it’s not the greatest but it sort of looks like a spaceship-ish, my brother was happy with it though which is the main thing. What do you think??



PS always make sure that you have all you need for what you’re making, a quick trip to the local shop is never very fun.


Over the easter holidays, when I was back at home I had a go at making macaroons, but I didn’t add the granulated sugar at the right time and so i was left with a big sugary mess. I cooked them, while my dad looked at them and wasn’t very amused. I said I would give the cooked fail-macaroons to the chickens, but they went in a tin to my dad’s office and never came back, so they can’t have been that bad 🙂

Anywhos I decided to have another go at making them, and this time they turned out a lot better 😀

Even if I do say so myself I think they look pretty good. I have never been a fan of the piping bag, we just don’t get along, and so I used my trusty tea-spoon to put the mixture onto the baking trays, however this does lead to a large differentials in the size of the macaroons…..

Oh well, they were only going to my dad’s office, and they eat anything. I used a chocolate buttercream to sandwich them together, they need something flavoured otherwise they are a bit flavorless.

The next step to conquer my dad’s dislike for butter cream, which left half of the macaroons un-iced, but that was ok because they are the ugly ones

oh well, macaroons aren’t the easiest, but they are quite fun, and by the way I have been going, hopefully all of the next batch (when I bring myself to make them again) will all look nice :).



Fairy Cakes


As tomorrow is the penultimate day at school I thought that we should have cake for each lesson ( I realise i am going to get very fat 😦 )

So of physics we have millionaires shortbread which my friends love, but it takes a while and the rest of the lessons we will have chocolate fairy cakes. Yeah thats right I called them fairy cakes not cupcakes!

fairy cakes

To make them :

11oz self-raising flour

8oz margarine

8oz caster sugar

4 large eggs

4 table spoons of cocoa powder

4 table spoons of milk

Line 3 fairy cakes tins and a mini cake tin (this has a posh name but i don’t know what it is) and preheat the oven to 180 oC

Weigh all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with and electric whisk untill well combined

Spoon the mixture into cake cases ( I make 27 fairy cakes and 12 mini fairy cakes)

Put this in the oven for around 10 mins for the smaller ones and 15mins for the bigger one, or until the cakes are just firm to the touch.

Leave to cool on a wire rack

For the icing I used a glace icing

To make this mix a small amount of boiling water and icing sugar, add more icing sugar or water until you get a spreadable consistency and blob abit on to each cake, I then added jelly diamonds and then you are done ! 🙂

mini cake



Sus 🙂

Fact #6 ~ ln(x) differentiates to 1/x

French Fancies

I like to make cake, and eat it for that matter. My mum has a fool proof recipe to make a sponge cake, so i though I should mix it up a bit by having ago at making french fancies. One of my friends said that they were one of the best cakes I had made (that is saying something because I make cakes a lot) 

French fancy 

Cake bit 

8 oz self rasing flour 

6 oz margarine 

6 oz caster sugar 

3 large eggs 

3 tablespoons of milk 

some vanilla extract 

To Make – 

pre heat the oven to 180oC and grease and line a 10-inch square cake tin 

measure all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with and electric whisk untill pale and well combined 

Put all the mixture in the tin and bake for around 30mins or untill lightly golden and firm to the touch 

Let the cake cool on a wire rack and then make the icing. When cooled cut into little squares, as many as you choose. 

Buttercream – this is the little blob on the top of the cake 

1 oz margarine 

2 oz icing sugar 

I  used an icing syringe to pipe a blob on the top of each square, or you could just spoon at bit on the top of each cake. 

Glace icing 

icing sugar 

boiling water 

to make this icing is trial and error which means it’s always good to have an older brother who can eat any left overs, or some biscuit from the cupboard that can be iced ( I think that rich tea are the best). To make the icing mix the sugar with the water, but with the water less is more ( as my mum always said). Mix the icing untill you get a nice running icing, but not too runny. The spread this icing all over the cake squares ( however before you do this you may want to heat up some jam and spread over the cakes, just to seal then and stop any crumbs getting into the icing) 

And then you are done 

you could make some more glace icing in a different colour and drizzle over the top. 

French fancy


Sus 🙂 

PS seeing as it is getting to exam season I thought i could spread a bit of knowledge I learn each day 

Fact #1 – There is a place called Super Kamiokande which detect neutrinos, these are subatomic partials that are released in nuclear fusion that takes place in the sun.