OPI Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my last year of university, and I have a job that starts in July and so it is my last month off before I enter the real world, but before that happens nail varnish!

This is another one of the OPI minis collection I got in March, this colour was amazing. Although I don’t think this picture really does it justice, it seems really neon on me, although I think it was because my skin tone is really pale, when one of my friends tried it, who has much darker skin, it seemed much more coral.

OPI Suzi's is Hungary AGAIN


The thing that surprised me is how different a colour can look simply because of skin tones, but it looked really nice on everyone 🙂




OPI Euro Centrale Minis

So it is somehow March, not quite sure how that happened. I have been busy with my last year of university, January was mental with exams and essays, but I got some good results so I treated myself to the OPI Euro Centrale minis. I find the big bottles too big to use, but the small bottles are small enough so I think that you can easily use it all up.

OPI - Eurocentrale Minis


As a lover of blue nail varnish Can’t Find my Czechbook was the swinging vote on whether I brought this little set or not.

OPI - Can't find my czechbook


I thought that this blue was really nice, but when I put it one I felt a tad underwhelmed, I don’t know if I had bigged it up in my head too much, I guess I thought it would be a more of a bright greeny-blue. But still a pretty colour with a decent formula.

The first colour I wore was OY-Another Polish Joke because I was going out for my housemates birthday, and I really liked it. I thought it would be tacky, I’m not the biggest fans of metallics although I love glitters (I know I have weird definitions of tacky). I was a really yellowy gold. OPI - OY-Another Polish Joke!

The only thing was I found the formula a tad thin, and so the above picture has three coats on. I really loved this one, as I don’t have anything like this, and it was also a lot easier to remove than glitters. I left it on and wore it for my lectures, and my friends loved it, I had been worried it looked excessive for everyday, but we deiced because of what I was wearing it looked fine (skinnies, jumper and boots).

So far I am loving this little collection. I know OPI’s are on the more expensive side, but I think if you can get little bottles that you know you will use and finish, so you don’t bin lots of half used varnishes that have seen better days. Out of the 2 Oy-Another Polish Joke! was definitely my favourite.

I will swatch the next two at some point, but my nails are in such bad condition that I am going polish free for a few weeks to let them recover.

What do you think?

Suse xx

Houston we have a herring problem

I couple of months ago I discovered that a beauty shop in town stocked OPI which made me really excited. Although I had told myself that I wouldn’t have super loads of polishes that sit in my box unused and just go a bit manky, so I restrained myself to just one, polish (plus they are really expensive).

I did some searching online and decided to go for I had a herring problem from the Holland collection. I was really excited because this is my first OPI colour that I brought.



I am a big blue nail polish fan and a shimmer fan, so I thought the blue with a really nice silver shimmer would be prefect, but the first time that I tried it on I wasn’t as blown.

I thought it made a nice back ground for super hero cat nails, but on its own, its just a bit meh.

I tried it again the other day, and I asked my mum what she thought of it – she liked it, and said it matched the tone of the cardigan I was wear (it was the reason I picked it, I know how sad that sounds, but oh well)

I then asked my dad – he straight off said that he didn’t like it and that it looked like an unpainted airfix model.

So on the colour I am still undecided. For the formula, I thought it was a bit thin, the above picture has two coats on, but I think I could be tempted for 3 coats just for a good opaque finish.

What do you think?



Evil Doctor Cat

I had painted my nails a while back, but with nothing particularly spectacular, but it slightly destroyed my nails, and so gave them a week to recover. I had a work experience day on Wednesday, and I am due to start an internship on Monday, which goes all through my summer till I go back to uni, and so thought this would be the last few days when I would be able to have fun nails, somehow I don’t think pow nails would go down well in an office…

When I was looking for inspiration on the internet and found these nails, and thought I had to try them…

But why paint only one nail? And I thought he looked like an evil mastermind, so of course you need to have super cat (with his red cape) to save the world?

But who will win the fight?

Pink base – Chanel Miami Peach

Blue base – OPI I have a herring problem

Black – Models own nail art pen in black

White – Models own nail art pen in white

Red – Barry M Bright red

The grey and what was meant to be brown I mixed myself.



POW! Planks a Lot and Sparrow me the Drama

I have always looked at the OPI nail varnishes and thought they look awesome, and after looking through lots of nail blogs, you realise they are quite highly rated, but I had never actually tried the colours, because I have never seen them for sale in a shop, however my sister had brought the Pirates of the Caribbean mini set, and let me borrow them…

Main colour – Sparrow me the Drama

Main colour – Planks a Lot

Over all I thought the nail varnishes had a good application, but I didn’t think that they were particularly stand out shades, if you were looking for something more subtle, these would be the colours for you, but personally I was a bit bored by them, although a lot of my friends liked the colours 🙂




Sometimes you have to admit that something isn’t going to work, and I think quite a while a go i realised that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the stockings, but I still have a few so they should make a good decoration.

Today I wasn’t having the best day in the world, and so to make myself feel a bit better I decided to paint my nails 😀

I just a nails inc polish that I had got free with some dove deodorant over the summer which I hadn’t yet used, the colour is Havana, it’s a really pale pink. Personally I’m not a big pale colour fan, and I found the nail varnish a bit on the thin side, in the photos I have two coats on

with flash


without flash


I think the colour is ok, but not really my cup of tea, I only really picked it because it was free, which is always fun, but I wouldn’t pay nails inc prices for it. I have only ever got nails inc polishes free with magazines and I really just don’t feel that they can justify the price of them.

Because I found it a bit boring, but a perfect colour if you are at work, so I decided to jazz it up a bit …



Mix and Match nails

At the moment I really like the mix and match nail designs, when none of then look alike, so yesterday me and my housemates had a night in watching strictly come dancing and so I painted my nails.

For my top coat and base coat I used OPI start to finish. The red is Barry M number 262 and I used models own black and white nail art pens.



Avon – Party Girl

Last year of uni my friends and I gained an unhealthy obsession with the song Party Girl by Mcfly (personally I have always been a fan of them :D, although I know this is not generally accepted) but only really the chorus of ‘She likes to dance all by herself because she is a party girl, woowho, woowho’. Which we have the pointy up then point down dance for. And only in the video the ‘DOUGIE! Don’t go into the woods!’. We annoyed on friend with this greatly. But back to the point. This year we are now living in a house and not halls and recently moved in, which my friend presented me with this nail polish called Party Girl, no need to say my mind was blown.

And this is what it looks like…

In the picture above I am wearing my OPI start to finish as always, and two coats of party girl. I ran out of time to put a topcoat on, and nicked a few of the finger quite badly, but more of my own fault then the polishes. Although my thumb has chipped quite badly during the day. On the colour I think from the name it could have been more adventurous, but it is a nice pink polish with a gold shimmer, but you can’t really see it in the picture. If I’m honest it reminds me of Chanel Miami peach, you can see my review in a post below (but I fail at know how to link, I must learn) but a lot cheaper! So over quite a nice colour for a party girl 🙂 (I’m sorry it had to be said)



Chanel nail varnish – Rouge Noir

I went to boots this lunch time and picked a new nail varnish, Chanel polishes are expensive, but I am working so I thought why not treat myself.

In the end I chose rouge noir, it’s a really deep red nail varnish and it is really pretty, I have always been more of a fan of a dark nail varnish, here’s a swatch…

I used my OPI 3-in-one base coat, top coat and strengthener for the base and top coat, and top coats of rouge noir, it gave a really nice colour and streak free, and the OPI made it really shiny 😀

I know Chanel polishes are more expensive (£17.50) so not your everyday purchase, but they are really nice polishes, and the lady who served me in boots was really helpful and gave me a tester pot of hydration active moisture fluid? moisturiser basically,

Here’s the lot…

Hope you enjoy



PS heres my latest polar bear, keep posted for the pattern 🙂

Nails Inc nail varnish

To de-stress after all the packing from uni I decided to paint my nails, for the base colour I used nails inc in Hampstead heath, its like a pinky-burgundy colour, I got it free in a Glamour magazine in December (according to google, I couldn’t quite remember 🙂 ). There were three colours to choose from and my dad thought this one was the nicest 🙂

The colour is quite nice but I think that it is definitely a winter colour, in the above picture I have two coats on. Nails inc polishes are meant to be around £11 but I don’t really think its worth the money, especially since they always seem to be giving then away. Another niggle that I have is that the lids are quite big and not the nicest thing to hold, (with the Chanel bottles the cap comes off to reveal a smaller lid which I like). But on the good side the colour was nice and the consistency of the polish was quite nice.

I decided to have a go at more nail art, but I was running late to dinner (I lived in catered halls) and so didn’t have time to put on a top coat, and I ended up with a massive chip on my middle finger when I played pool with my friend after dinner, which was really annoying.

You can sort of see the chip on the middle finger, I think that the black and white hearts on the little finger were the cutest, and they were the easiest to do, although I think that it would look better on a more colourful base.

And here’s the other hand

I did these nails on friday evening, and I moved out on saturday, but the whole moving process ruined my nails, so I had to take my nails varnish off, now my nails are in bad condition and so I think I will have to lay off the nail varnish for a week, sad times 😦

Hope you enjoy