New year’s resolution

So my blog tends to be well, neglected. I could talk about this but then nobody really wants to know about that, so instead I will give two new years resolutions for this blog (I know it’s February but January is a busy month for me) so here goes:

1) I want to blog more, at least once a month is my aim

2) I would like to write another knitting pattern

I think out of this the second on is probably harder but I did enjoy making the mustache knitting pattern (which was posted getting on for 3 years ago which seems like time to have not posted another pattern)

And because I do love a photo here is a picture of a macron I made earlier


What new year’s resolutions has everyone else made? I would love to have taken part in the vintage pattern pledge but I just don’t think I would have achieved it, my sewing skill is too basic.

Miss S xx


Happy New Year!

I realise that it is slightly delayed but a happy new year to everyone

I can’t believe its 2012!

I hope that everyone has an amazing year šŸ™‚




Cake :)

Today wasĀ another really good day weatherwise, although I was at work all day in the fruit and veg shop so I wasn’t as able to enjoy it as much. At the end of the day it is not fun carrying boxes of fruit and veg upstairs in the heat! But why I am I complaining –Ā it is actually sunny. I just hope that it stays for tomorrow so I am able to enjoy it!

Because of being at work I haven’t really knitted/baked anything, but photos from my party last week came. A family friend is a really good photographer and so put a book together of the photos which is really cool.

For our 18th (I am the youngest of 4) my parents brought us a birthday cake instead of making one. And may I say it was veryĀ very tasty!

Birthday Cake

I love the fact that my parents chose a ball of wool and knitting needles – they kept the design secret until the party!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sundays!


Sus šŸ™‚

Fact #13 ~ The energy from the sun is causedĀ by nuclear fusion. All stars want to gain an ironĀ core, as it is the most stable.But to do this takes large amounts of energy, and the energy given of is less than that needed to produce it so the star dies. (our sun won’t get to this point as it is too small)

Acutally sunny Sunday

After yesterdays weather today was a nice surprise, on of the first days in a while when we have been able to sit outside and enjoy the sun šŸ™‚

Although not for too long as for a charity event my friend and I are hosting a Miss World event were male teachers are dressed as women (we have some teachers who agree to this a bitĀ too eagerly) and so I spent the afternoon making sashes, which isn’t that fun. I realised why I knit more thenĀ I sew – the sewing machine isn’t really my friend šŸ˜¦

George the cat

My cat George also decided to take advantageĀ and brought in a baby bird, but we were able to take it off him just a bit shocked. Then about a minute after we took the little bird outside he reappeared with another baby bird. So he was locked in the house for a bit.

We ended up putting the two little birds in the spare hen houseĀ and hoped for the best. I’ll check up on them in the morning.


Sus šŸ™‚

Fact #4 ~ If there is an increase in the exchange rate of a country the price of imports goes down, but the price of exports goes up – this leads to a worsening of the balance of payment ( everything else remaingĀ constant). It the UK it is usual to have a deficit on the balance of payments (we import a lot)/