New year’s resolution

So my blog tends to be well, neglected. I could talk about this but then nobody really wants to know about that, so instead I will give two new years resolutions for this blog (I know it’s February but January is a busy month for me) so here goes:

1) I want to blog more, at least once a month is my aim

2) I would like to write another knitting pattern

I think out of this the second on is probably harder but I did enjoy making the mustache knitting pattern (which was posted getting on for 3 years ago which seems like time to have not posted another pattern)

And because I do love a photo here is a picture of a macron I made earlier


What new year’s resolutions has everyone else made? I would love to have taken part in the vintage pattern pledge but I just don’t think I would have achieved it, my sewing skill is too basic.

Miss S xx