Happy July

Happy July!

I can’t believe that it is July already!!

The past week I have been really busy meeting up with friends, I also had my school presentation evening, so I got to see all my school friends again after like a year, and I also won two prizes (the economics prize and the prize for highest achievement at advanced level, which was really awesome and it was also the same day that I got my result for my first year at uni (I got 82 which was even more awesome 😀  )

I also helped one of my friends paint her room, which was really funny, but completely ruined my bow nails and I have a massive crack in my left index finger so I am off the nail polish for a week or two, which makes me slightly sad, but I would like to have nice nails more 🙂

I also recently grown to love trains even more, as I have to train it everyday to work, I always enjoyed traveling by train, I think I got that from my dad, they are so much better than buses 😀

Why I am talking about trains, well it’s because I have this cute photo that I took a few years ago, when I was traveling home from a week-long uni experience…

What do you think??




Also forgot to say……


Sorry for the lateness and is it just me or does the year 2011 look really futuristic?? (not that the stuff in 2011 looks futuristic, it’s the same as 2010, but written on the page 2011 seems crazy! )

And in relation to the post below Jeff Tracy would have been 2 on January 2nd 😀

Laters again


Thunderbirds are go! Again?!

There is meant to be a new series of Thunderbirds created ! I was informed this by my father, and so quickly turned to google, and indeed Gerry Anderson wants to make a new series of  Thunderbirds, but in cgi. Now I am not quite sure how to feel, not because I don’t like Thunderbirds, because believe me I do – I have recently been watching it while knitting – but some of the amazing things about Thunderbirds is was made in the 60s, so the clothes are epic (Alans leopard print shirt in Attack of the Alligators, I think :s ). But the most amazing things is that they are puppets! CGI means no puppets 😦

And when they made that movie a few years going it wasn’t exactly as good as the original tv shows.

So do you guys think about this??



Physics cat

I realise that I post about many physics cats, but this was one that I had a go at making, I made the jumper first and then had to have three attempts at making a cat that it actually fit.

He is being blown away by the wind, there is likely to be some physics joke there, but I’m not the best for coming up with jokes 🙂

Hope you all enjoy your christmas 😀


Sus 🙂

Cake Mixes


I realised that I am not the best blogger because I failed to post many post after my exams but I do have an excuse – I was at work. I got an office job over the summer and kept my saturday job going and then there was my sister’s wedding and results day and it all got a bit hectic. But anyways good news I got into uni 😀 (three A’s and an A*whoo whooo even if I do say so myself in economics, further maths, physics and A* in maths) this ment on the 19th of august my local newspaper had my face on the font page :s and a load of others from my school so not completely terrible.

I have also come off of a holiday to devon and uni is starting to sink in and I am starting to feel very very old. And when we went food shopping on holiday I found myself pulled to the baking section and found something that I always associate with my youth (when I was about 4 ) Tom and Jerry cake mix 🙂

It came with a new addition of the tube of strange writing icing which didn’t really taste that nice, if I made it again i think i would leve it off. I also had questions by my dad of ‘Why on earth do you want this seeing as you can make perfectly good cake very easily’ But still I was not deterred.

Also I was when I followed the mixture it came out very lumpy. I would have sieved it but this wasn’t my kitchen and so didn’t have all the supplies I normally have.

Aswell as being lumpy there were also very sloppy – I though this is going to end in disaster but it surprisingly didn’t.

I promise they were pink inside because they were strawberry flavoured 🙂

Next was the icing

I love the fact that the icing turns from white to pink by adding water 🙂

Although i added to much and ended with very runny icing 😦

The cakes also didn’t taste as amazing as I remembered but I was only 4 and unaware of the amazingness of cake.


Sus 🙂

Geeky Cookies

Have you ever looked at other blogs and been like ‘wow – that is awesome’? Cos i seem to get that all the time and so I decided that I should have ago at something awesome – Stock market cookies !


 I realise that these do not look the best or even tasted super amazing at the time – but i just off loaded them to my dad’s office (he works in investments and so hence stock market cookies) – but I hope they inspire you to make something that you think is really amazing.


 My dad got a print out of the FTSE 100 and i had a go a making a replica although I couldn’t fit the how much the share had gone down by but I could fit on its price 😀


Sus 🙂


I have actually been doing revision in my study leave, although I am lucky because my exams start on the 11th July.

This means that there is less time for knitting and baking has been taking a back seat. Also my deal that I am not allowed to knit anything until I finish my knitted top – it is coming along quite nicely 🙂

So here is cakes that I made a while ago


 These are anzac cookies that I make from Mary Berry’s awesome ‘Ulimate Cake Book’. If I was only allowed one cake book it would definitely have to be this one (even though it doesn’t have pictures of every cake which is something I don’t normally like 🙂 )


Sus 🙂

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