Pattern review: Outdoor pram suit

The basic stats

Pattern name: Outdoor pram suit in first and second size

Pattern Book: Knitted Garments for the Family

Date of publish: 1950*

Wool required: Baby 3-ply wool

Needles required: Number 9 for the second size, No. 10 for the first size**

Wool used: Patons Fairytale Soft 4ply

Needles used: No.9

Would I knit it again: Probably not

Tension: I was naughty and didn’t do a tension square, in my defence it is a baby jumper, how precise does it need to be? I am the school of they can grow into it

Finished measurements: I forgot to measure it, sorry.

More in depth thoughts after the pictures.

Boy's jersey 2

All the garments in the patter

Boy's jersey 3

Close up of collar

Pattern close up

The slightly rambling thoughts: For starters I should point out that I only ended up knitting the boy’s jersey, the pattern also includes a girl’s coat, leggings, cap, hood for a girl, and mitts. The aim was to knit the entire pram suit for someone at work whose wife was having a baby. I started the knitting a little late and so never got round to making the leggings and cap and mitts.

I was also slightly disappointed by the cable because I thought a 4 stitch cable would have looked better but it was an easy pattern to repeat

I was definitely disappointed for the collar, it was the main reason that I had knitted it was to see what I thought of it for making for a stockpile for my sister (call me weird but I wanted a couple of years to build a stockpile for her – she knows this so its fine) and she loves a peter pan collar, but the collar is just a straight rows sewn on, I really didn’t like the raw edges and so tried to sew them down (still not 100% that made it look better)

The reason for not making it again would be because I think that I have better pram suits pattern so I think my time could be spent better knitting something else.

I followed the pattern exactly, for older patterns it was pretty easy to understand.

Miss S xx

*1950 is the date that is given on Amazon, handily they haven’t print the publish date in the front cover, based on the styles of patterns and the fact that some of the pictures are in colour I don’t have any hard evidence to not agree

**These are the British imperial sizes, these are roughly a 3.75mm and 3.25mm respectively. Don’t ask me why but there is no metric equivalent for a no. 9 so you can either go for a 3.5mm or 4mm, tension it out to see what is best for you would be my advice


The knitty gritty

One of my big hobbies is knitting, as you may have already been able to tell, this really comes from my mum, she taught me how to knit when I was around 10, but I was terrible and gave up straight away. I tried again when I was 15, why I’m not quite sure, maybe it was because I always saw mum with her knitting, and I got hooked. From then on I have always had a project on some needles, even if it was left to gather dust for a couple of months. In an aim to give my blog a bit more purpose I am going to post some of the patterns that I make. These tend to be vintage patterns, over the past couple of years I have come to love the fashions of the 1940s and 1950s, and, mainly because they are quicker to knit, baby patterns (this probably has also happened because there has suddenly because loads of people I know are having babies), hopefully you will find this interesting/like the cute pictures. I am always looking to improve this place so any comments are welcome

knitted cardi

Miss S xx

New year’s resolution

So my blog tends to be well, neglected. I could talk about this but then nobody really wants to know about that, so instead I will give two new years resolutions for this blog (I know it’s February but January is a busy month for me) so here goes:

1) I want to blog more, at least once a month is my aim

2) I would like to write another knitting pattern

I think out of this the second on is probably harder but I did enjoy making the mustache knitting pattern (which was posted getting on for 3 years ago which seems like time to have not posted another pattern)

And because I do love a photo here is a picture of a macron I made earlier


What new year’s resolutions has everyone else made? I would love to have taken part in the vintage pattern pledge but I just don’t think I would have achieved it, my sewing skill is too basic.

Miss S xx

You’re My Hero Cookies

How many of you have watched Wreck it Ralph. I know, I know, it was released a while go, but it is a cute movie.

Just a heads up there is a spoiler in the rest of this post, so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie I would stop reading now!


When I watched the movie as soon as I saw Vanellope give Ralph the ‘You’re my hero’ cookie medal I knew I had to have a go at making then, although I never really found the time to do it so after over a year since I watched the movie I finally got around to trying to make them:

youre my hero 3


The biscuit recipe I used was taken from here.

For the royal icing I used Tate and Lyle royal icing sugar, because it I find it easier than trying to make royal icing,  you don’t have to worry about raw eggs and I have found it pretty easy to find, I got mine from my local Morrisons.

The hardest part I found was to get the piping right. I have not really had successful writing/piping experience but I thought it wasn’t too bad.

I used a heart cutter for the shape. and once they were cooled piped the royal icing on.

The problem I found was that I let the blue icing set too much before putting on the hundreds and thousands.


And because yay for pictures:


youre my hero 1

youre my hero 2





Laduree Macaron Recipe Review

A while ago I brought myself a present in the form of Laduree Sucre: The recipes. I brought it as a fivlous purchase, it was in a box and I had heard that Laduree was one of the famous patieries from France that were known for their macroon as someone that has tried to master the macaron when I saw the book and has a book voucher it was a no brainer.


I used the raspberry macaron for the shells, they are just plain macaron shells and then I used the ganache from the chocolate cake recipe.

What would I say about the recipe? The ganache is amazing, so tasty, I was unsure about adding butter to the chocolate and cream but it does make it tasty, although try not to think how much fat is going into it….

The macarons, I think came out okish? I always seem to get some cracked tops and just general strange shapes, I have no idea how people make perfect ones (unless they discard the ones that aren’t perfect)


The other thing I would say is that make sure you leave the ganache in the fridge for at least an hour like the recipe says, else it will be too runny and just ooze out everywhere (notice the random blobs of ganache in the above photo)

I also used milk chocolate (Milka to be exact for no other reason that it was £1 in Morrions) instead of dark chocolate as sometimes I find that a really dark chocolate makes the ganache too bitter.

For the shells, make sure that you add plenty of colouring, I actually used a red food colouring but it came out really pale pink, I will have to add more next time or look into getting some of the gel colours (I used a Dr Odker food colouring)

macaron1And as a sign with any good recipe everyone loved them when I took them to work 🙂




Suse xx

m&m cake

I went to m&m world in London a while ago, and what do you do when you are there, well buy over priced chocolate in a building that smells are artificial chocolate (I am the only one that thinks that, not the same smell as a Hotel Chocolat) you also do not realise how much m&m things you can get

But you can get the colours that you want and they make a pretty cake.
IMG_20140302_190822I used my favourite chocolate cake in an 6” sandwich cake tin, with a chocolate buttercream. Then comes the fun of covering the whole thing in m&m’s

I hope you like it




OPI Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my last year of university, and I have a job that starts in July and so it is my last month off before I enter the real world, but before that happens nail varnish!

This is another one of the OPI minis collection I got in March, this colour was amazing. Although I don’t think this picture really does it justice, it seems really neon on me, although I think it was because my skin tone is really pale, when one of my friends tried it, who has much darker skin, it seemed much more coral.

OPI Suzi's is Hungary AGAIN


The thing that surprised me is how different a colour can look simply because of skin tones, but it looked really nice on everyone 🙂



OPI Euro Centrale Minis

So it is somehow March, not quite sure how that happened. I have been busy with my last year of university, January was mental with exams and essays, but I got some good results so I treated myself to the OPI Euro Centrale minis. I find the big bottles too big to use, but the small bottles are small enough so I think that you can easily use it all up.

OPI - Eurocentrale Minis


As a lover of blue nail varnish Can’t Find my Czechbook was the swinging vote on whether I brought this little set or not.

OPI - Can't find my czechbook


I thought that this blue was really nice, but when I put it one I felt a tad underwhelmed, I don’t know if I had bigged it up in my head too much, I guess I thought it would be a more of a bright greeny-blue. But still a pretty colour with a decent formula.

The first colour I wore was OY-Another Polish Joke because I was going out for my housemates birthday, and I really liked it. I thought it would be tacky, I’m not the biggest fans of metallics although I love glitters (I know I have weird definitions of tacky). I was a really yellowy gold. OPI - OY-Another Polish Joke!

The only thing was I found the formula a tad thin, and so the above picture has three coats on. I really loved this one, as I don’t have anything like this, and it was also a lot easier to remove than glitters. I left it on and wore it for my lectures, and my friends loved it, I had been worried it looked excessive for everyday, but we deiced because of what I was wearing it looked fine (skinnies, jumper and boots).

So far I am loving this little collection. I know OPI’s are on the more expensive side, but I think if you can get little bottles that you know you will use and finish, so you don’t bin lots of half used varnishes that have seen better days. Out of the 2 Oy-Another Polish Joke! was definitely my favourite.

I will swatch the next two at some point, but my nails are in such bad condition that I am going polish free for a few weeks to let them recover.

What do you think?

Suse xx

Houston we have a herring problem

I couple of months ago I discovered that a beauty shop in town stocked OPI which made me really excited. Although I had told myself that I wouldn’t have super loads of polishes that sit in my box unused and just go a bit manky, so I restrained myself to just one, polish (plus they are really expensive).

I did some searching online and decided to go for I had a herring problem from the Holland collection. I was really excited because this is my first OPI colour that I brought.



I am a big blue nail polish fan and a shimmer fan, so I thought the blue with a really nice silver shimmer would be prefect, but the first time that I tried it on I wasn’t as blown.

I thought it made a nice back ground for super hero cat nails, but on its own, its just a bit meh.

I tried it again the other day, and I asked my mum what she thought of it – she liked it, and said it matched the tone of the cardigan I was wear (it was the reason I picked it, I know how sad that sounds, but oh well)

I then asked my dad – he straight off said that he didn’t like it and that it looked like an unpainted airfix model.

So on the colour I am still undecided. For the formula, I thought it was a bit thin, the above picture has two coats on, but I think I could be tempted for 3 coats just for a good opaque finish.

What do you think?