Vintage pattern inspiration: The Jester Wool company

Pretty pattern time:

Jester 1008

The first one is Jester 1008, it is an amazing knitting pattern for a jumper, hat and gloves. This is the first Jester knitting pattern that I found, I got it from a vintage shop when I was a student in Exeter. It was £8 so much more than I normally spend on vintage patterns, but the picture was so nice I thought I would have to buy it.

I have discovered that this pattern is contained in Susan Crawford’s book which contains modern sizings and alternative wool if you wanted to have a go at knitting this.

The second Jester pattern that I have is publication 1021.

Jester 1021

This one was an ebay purchase, again it was more than I normally pay for a pattern, but the artwork is amazing.

A little about the company:

Jester Company Limited was established in October 1944, the patterns have been seen in advertised in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The company dissolved in 1997 (more detail about the company can be found here)

The company also has a number of baby patterns, examples can be found here,¬†more examples of women’s patterns can be found here and here.

Has anyone else found any more of these pretty patterns?

Hopefully you won’t have too much pattern envy

Miss S xx