Pattern review: Ely


The basic stats

Pattern name: Ely

Pattern Book/Booklet: Patons Fairytale Cheeky Cherubs

Date of publish: 2008

Wool required: Patons Fairytale DK

2 x 50g balls for 3-6 month size (there are a total of 4 sizes available in the book)

Needles required: 1 x 3.25 mm (UK 10) and 1 x 4mm (UK 10)

Wool used:

Rico baby classic DK colourway 023 Eisblau

I ended up using just under 2 50g balls

Needles used: UK 10 and UK 8

Would I knit it again: This is a quick knit and looks quite effective, I have made it before and I will probably make it again, I would also recommend it as a introduction to cabling

Tension: I’m half tempted to leave this out because I will always say ‘It’s a baby’s so I just went for it’ but I feel like I should acknowledge that checking tension is Knitting 101

Finished measurements: Chest measurement (unstretched) 14 inches

Chest measurement (stretched) 20 inches

Sleeve length to underarm 6.5 inches

This matches the measurements in the book

More in depth thoughts after the pictures. In the pictures the cardigan is unstretched but due to entire pattern being a 1×1 cable the whole cardigan is essentially a fancy 2×2 rib so has a lot of stretch in it.

Ely 2
Ely 1

The only change I made on the pattern was that I knitted the button band up with the front pieces (I made the right side first so I decided where I wanted my buttonholes on the left hand side. The only thing to remember with this is that you have an extra 5 stitches when working the armhole decrease.

I do this because:

  1. I try to minimise the amount of sewing up I have to do
  2. I always seems to knit the wrong length for sewn on button bands, so when I sew it on it ends up being too loose or too tight.

Other than that I followed the pattern.

This is a really easy pattern to follow, and the cable is really simple for anyone who is new to cabling as it doesn’t need a cable needle.

Miss S xx


Pattern review: Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 1

The basic stats

Pattern name: Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Pattern Book/Booklet: Coronation Knits by Susan Crawford

Date of publish: June 2012

Wool required: Susan Crawford Fenella 2 ply wool:

4 x skeins main colour

1 x skein red

1 x skein black

1 x skein white

Needles required: 1 x 2.75mm circular needle 60cm, 1 x 3.25mm circular needle 60cm long and a pair 40cm long

Wool used:

Patons Fairytable Fab 4ply – 2 x 01053

Patons Fairytale Fab 4 ply – 1 x 01001

Patons Fairytale Fab 4 ply – 01030

Patons Diploma Gold 4 ply – 04285

Needles used: 2.5mm 60cm circular needles, 3.5mm 80cm circular needles

Would I knit it again: Once I am better at colour work I may make it again

Tension: Normal response to tension squares (I only really swatch when it is something for me, I know that is bad) and I just went for the needles that I could get my hands on.

Finished measurements: I forgot didn’t get time to measure it before I gave it away

More in depth thoughts after the pictures.

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 3

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 2

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace 4

So I don’t normally get that interested in the royals, although I do think the Queen is awesome, but I have never really closely followed the royals are up to. However, when I saw the pictures of Prince George for his 2nd birthday I thought I would have to make the little sleeveless pullover.

I knitted a pram suit for one of the people I work with son, which was from the time of the coronations in 1953, so I thought he would be the perfect person to knit this for.

Apart from the colour work this was a pretty quick (no sleeves!) and easy knit. I used needles that were a different size to those recommended because I knitted this while on holiday on Spain, I brought the needles the day before I left and they were the sizes that I was able to get.

And some points there are three colours been worked in a row, this really slowed me down, and as you may be able to tell from the pictures, my tension went a bit off on the during the soldiers. However, I am a beginner at colour work, so anyone would the soldiers shouldn’t put anyone off.

The knitting pattern also comes with instructions to knit it on a round, or to knit flat which is nice to be able to pick which style you knit. As I have an aversion to sewing up any sort of seams I went for the circular needles.

As for the wool I was really pleased with how Fab knitted up, the only reason I used black in a diploma gold was because they didn’t have Fab in black in the shop I brought the wool from

Miss S xx